Summer Workshops

Summer workshops 2018 at The Academy Mews Studios Camden – 4th August – 25th August.

After a successful run in 2016 & 2017 the Summer Workshop season is back!  With big names from the burlesque & cabaret scene.  Little Lady Luscious herself will be hosting a workshop too!  All workshops will be held at the Academy Mews Studios £30 each or £100 for all 4!  Click the button at the bottom of the page to book your space.

Saturday 4th August – 11:30 am – 1pm

Isis wings with Tempest Rose

This 1.5 hour workshop will cover from beginners to intermediate how to incorporate this beautiful prop into your routine including: 

Assembly, transport and different styles and fabrics
Poses and Transitions
Patterns from basic to advanced
Spin Technique
Footwork and body lines
How best to incorporate into a routine 
Taught by Tempest Rose – head of House of Burlesque and International Burlesque Headliner. Tempest’s signature Isis Wing Ice Queen act, pictured here, has headlined across the UK and Europe. She has directed and choreographed group Isis Wing acts for House of Burlesque 2.0 and Straight Up at The Underbelly Festival, Xmas in Leicester Square, and Halifax Piece Hall, and for the UK Theatre Tour of House of Burlesque Shipwrecked. 


Saturday 11th August – 11:30pm – 1pm

Sexy!? with Little Lady Luscious

Welcome to the burlesque Jungle, we’ve got fun and games!  But …. what is it to be sexy in the burlesque scene? Gone are the days of the 1980’s & of Guns n Roses videos and their sexualization of women.  Yeah right!  How in modern day burlesque can we bring “it”?  And what is “it”? In this workshop Little Lady Luscious will be exploring what exactly it means to be “sexy”.  Is it confidence? Is it style?  We’re going to break down sexy and build it up so you can own it on stage!

Little Lady Luscious has taught the Luscious Burlesque course for eight years and  is producer of regular cabaret nights such as Luscious Cabaret & Luscious Privée.   As a performer she plays with comedy, cheesecake & powerful characters all with their unique sense of sexy which prompted the creation of this workshop.


Saturday 18th August – 11:30am – 1pm

Exploring Character with Paulus/Paul L Martin

Who are you on stage?  A unique opportunity to find your ‘clown’, enhance and expand an existing avatar or completely alter your onstage persona through clowning techniques and status games with celebrated performer and practitioner Paul L Martin AKA Paulus. There will be fun, games and lots of movement!

Paul L Martin was there when the revival of the London cabaret scene began, creating, producing and agent to cabaret stars.  He has performed in and out of drag to literally tens of people up and down the country and in some venues he was actually asked to.  He is in demand worldwide for crimes against theatre since his performances in Paris, Berlin, Melbourne and New York in the early Noughties, and has graced TV screens as a mentor to pensioners, singing judge, lookalike/weight-loss adjudicator, and a badminton player with no shuttlecock.

Saturday 25th August – 11:30am  – 1pm

Big Bumps & Gorgeous Grinds Choreography for sexy saucepots

Burlesque is all about the bump n grind, baby!  During this class we’ll learn a simple, but super hot choreography to a classic bump n grind number.  This will allow us to examine the dance & movement techniques that are the essence of true bump n grind, including a strong focus on arms, hands, shimmies and isolations. We’ll also look at how to engage the audience and have them melt in the palm of your hand.  There is no stripping in this class.

With her cheeky personality and killer curves, Trixi Tassels defected from the bellydance camp in 2008 and joined the hedonistic world of burlesque peelers and shakers bringing with her some of the finest tassel twirling skills in the world. With a dance background firmly rooted in classical jazz ballet and classical Egyptian-style oriental dance, Trixi is all about elegant lines and bumps and grinds.  With a passion for musicality, she believes a strong performance comes from providing an appropriate visual interpretation of the music.

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