Summer Workshops

After the wonderful success of last year, we are very excited to announce that the Luscious Summer Workshops are back by popular demand! Join us in July and August for the opportunity to be taught by some of the finest artists that London has to offer. From clowning to tassel twirling, we have a wide range of unique workshops that will help enhance your performance skills.

Each workshop is an hour and a half and is priced at £30, but you can combine them in discounted packs of 3, 4, and 5. Or why not go for a full house and choose all six for only £120? All workshops will be held at The Academy Mews Studios in Camden. Hard to say no with this incredible line up of guest artists…


Saturday 22nd July 11:30 am- Bumps and Grinds with Rosie Kohl


Photo credits: Andrew Tottenham 

There is a huge crossover in the bellydance and burlesque movement venn diagram and we need to harness its power! Get more grind out of your grind and oomph into your bump using solid technique from belly dance.  This workshop features clear breakdowns, repetition, and analysis of movement to really lock it into your muscles, give you better body awareness and take your bumps and grinds all the way up to 11. This workshop will feature conditioning for the lower body for strong foundations and posture, a few movement drills and a flexibility-based cool down to keep your hips nice and loose after all that work. This is going to get a little sweaty so dress for the gym and bring water!

Saturday 29th July,11:30 am

 – Neo Burlesque & Political Burlesque with Lolo Brow

Lolo Brow is an Awarding winning Neo-Burlesque artist, sideshow performer, sparkly drag King and Lizard Lady. With skills ranging from Classical dance to lying on a bed of nails, right through to butchery, Lolo is more than well equipped to Lower the Tone of any evening.  She will be teaching you the art of Neo Burlesque, how to be fierce and how to successfully bring politics into your burlesque.

Photo credits: Rich Newnham Photography

Saturday 5th August, 11:30 am – Floorwork & Audience

interaction with Bettsie Bon Bon

Photo credits: Veronica Verve at Anchor V Studio

International burlesque star and Britain’s number one showgirl Bettsie Bon Bon will be taking over Luscious Classes. She’ll be teaching you how to make the most of the stage by adding a bit of floor work into your routine. Along side this you’ll learn how to make the most of your audience through audience interaction. By the end of the hour your burlesque routine will be worthy of a standing ovation.

Bettsie Bon Bon has been a regular on the Burlesque and Cabaret scene for over 5 years. Working for Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girls & The Soho Burlesque Club. A regular at House of Burlesque Speakeasy & Cafe De Paris Seven Sins she has performed all across London and a wide variety events across Europe. 


Saturday 12th August, 11:30 am

  – Fan Dancing with Tempest Rose

Photo credits: Retro Photo Studio
Learn the beautiful art of the fan dance with Tempest Rose. Popularized by Sally Rand in the 1930s, the classic ostrich feather fan dance is an iconic burlesque act full of elegance and tease. Learn the skills and techniques needed to fan dance gracefully – how to hold your fans, transition seamlessly between poses, move elegantly and classic fan moves and tips, – the class will end with a choreographed routine for you to try out your new skills.  If you do not own a set of fans let us know when you book and we will bring a set of fans for you to use during the workshop.  Tempest Rose has performed fan dances in some of the No.1 UK touring theatres in the country, at The Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House, The Hippodrome Casino, in New York and Paris Burlesque Festival and on BBC 1 on the prime time TV show Heir Hunters.

Saturday 19th August,11:30 am

  – Clowning in Burlesque with Pi the Mime

You’ve learnt how to interact with your audience now learn how to bring them up on stage and help you with your act!  Pi the Mime, incorporates mime  & clown skills into his burlesque and with amazing results.  He has convinced audiences to cover him with petals, become laser beams and do ballet!  You will learn audience etiquette and workshop how to communicate with your audience without using words!

Photo credits: Plainview Media

Saturday 26th August, 11:30 am

 – Tassel Twirling with Trixi Tassels

Photo credits: Tigz Rice Studios
If you’re looking to improve your tasselling skills beyond the ‘jump up & down quickly’ or ‘shimmy furiously’ techniques then come along to this specialist workshop by tassel twirling pro and fire tassel champion, Trixi Tassels! You will learn all methods of how to get controlled twirls, including the bounce, shoulder and ribcage techniques, single and double twirls, synced and alternating twirls. 
These methods give you total control over the direction and synchronisation of your twirls and the main techniques use only the upper body so you are free to move around the stage gracefully. It is guaranteed that by the end everyone will be twirling!

Workshops and Dates

If you are booking multiple workshops please email with the workshops you would like to take part in.

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