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Possibly the world’s tinest dancer, a beautiful Ballet and Burlesque performer.  Little Lady Luscious began life as Little Miss in New Zealand as a classical Burlesque performer.  On her return to the UK she changed her name and style.  Trained in Classical Ballet she has returned to her roots and her routines are now performed en pointe.  As a ballerina she fell in love with her pointe shoes.  So she dusted them off and began to combine Classical Ballet and Classical Burlesque.  Creating beautiful routines which tell stories of love, loss, strength and Doctor Who.

A regular performer at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell and Battersea Mess and Music Hall.  She has performed all over London in such places as Madame JoJos, Paper Dress Vintage, Roxy Bar and Screen and Battersea Barge.  She has performed at Cabaret Roulette, Finger in the Pie Cabaret, Cheese n’ Crackers, Cavalcade of Cabaret, the World Burlesque Games and London Burlesque Festival.

Too book Little Lady Luscious for your event contact: info@littleladyluscious.co.uk


Ballet and Burlesque

Ballet Dancing TARDIS









Classic Fan Dance – A story of fear and strength.  Little Lady Luscious can hear her fate, she fears what she hears, but finds the strength to dance towards the music that is calling her.

The Luscious Princess – Out to make an impression upon the prince.  This princess is seductive, beautiful and fun.  Which prince or princess will she choose and how can they resist her charm.

The Ballet Dancing TARDIS – Created for Cabaret Roulette does Sci – Fi. This Routine is based around the Doctor Who episode where the TARDIS comes to life and TARDIS and Dr are finally able to talk.

The Boat – Little Lady Luscious has fallen upon hard times, to earn enough money for her rum she tells the tale of her time on the boat.

Classic Burlesque Routine

The Cheated Librarian – Cheated by her ex (an unsuspecting member of the audience) this librarian is out to prove she is sexy and up for fun.  Look at what the ex has missed out on. Perfect for parties and just for fun.


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