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Summer Workshop – Bumps and Grinds

We’re so excited about the Summer Workshops we’ll be running in Camden. The first one, on the 22nd July is going to be taught by the gorgeous Rosie Kohl. Here’s what you can expect: There is a huge crossover in the bellydance and burlesque movement venn diagram and we need to harness its power! Get more Read More

16 Jun 2017

Meet Chalkalicious!

The Luscious Burlesque Show is tonight and we are just so excited this morning. We’ve already started getting ready, yeah the show doesn’t start until 8pm but we just can’t help ourselves. In the mean time we’ve been chatting to the stage manager for tonight, Chalkalicious. You’re going to be stage managing the Luscious Burlesque Show Read More

15 Jun 2017

Meet Stormina Teacup

It’s nearly here! The show is tomorrow. We’ve sat down for a chat with the incomparable Stormina Teacup. She graduated from the Luscious Classes a year ago and now she is back with a new act. Why did you start performing? Firstly, there was my love of corsets and bustles. When I realised that burlesque Read More

14 Jun 2017

Meet Kiki Melek!

We’re so excited that Kiki will be gracing the Luscious Stage on Thursday with something entirely brand new and special. We can’t wait! Here’s a throwback interview from last time she performed for us.   Kiki can be very elusive so we were over the moon when she replied to our email and answered our burning Read More

12 Jun 2017

Meet Gemma Layton!

Performer and Compare extraordinaire Gemma Layton will be hosting the Luscious Burlesque Night on Thursday and bringing her own je ne sais quoi to proceedings. We’re taking this excuse to read her hilarious interview from her performance at Luscious Cabaret a few months ago.    Why did you start performing? A deep seated need to be Read More

11 Jun 2017

Meet Admiral John

It’s the Admiral! As the next Luscious Debut Show is next week, we thought we’d repost this blog and give you a chance to rekindle your love for The Admiral.   The current course is coming to an end and the students are getting ready for the show in a week!  The Luscious Burlesque Night Read More

09 Jun 2017

Meet Dickie Dalliance!

Saved the best for last? You be the judge. Our final performer interview before tomorrow’s Luscious Cabaret features none other than Boylesque superstar and former Luscious Burlesque alum, Dickie Dalliance! See how far that eight-week course can take you…?   What is your first memory of performing? Well, my debut was at my Luscious Graduation Show. It was Read More

01 Jun 2017

Meet Odelia Opium!

Ever wanted to time-travel? Well, all you have to do is get yourself to Luscious Cabaret this Friday, where we will all be whisked away to a bygone era by the absolutely enchanting Miss Odelia Opium. Get ready for a history lesson like no other…   What is your first memory of performing? That would Read More

30 May 2017

Meet Trixi Tassels!

What better way to kick off the weekend than to have a chat with one of our all-time favourites and queen of tassel twirling – Trixi Tassels! It’s time to meet this flame-blazing performer who will have us all enthralled next Friday…   What is your first memory of performing? When I played one of the Read More

27 May 2017

Meet Symoné!

Our June edition of Luscious Cabaret is almost upon us, and we’re ready to meet our wonderful performers! Let’s get the ball (or skates) rolling with Luscious fan-favourite, the gorgeous and uber-talented Symoné!    What is your first memory of performing? Apart from school performances, my first ever show performing was 6 years ago at Read More

26 May 2017
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