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Meet #TeamDolly

Part II of the Savage Trolley duo is Dolly Trolley.  We took the time to find out what keeps the Trolley rolling …   Why did you start performing? I think I started performing drag and cabaret as way of expressing my pride in myself, and to encourage others to express every aspect of themselves Read More

01 Oct 2017

Meet Paulus

We only have  5 more sleeps until the return of Luscious Cabaret!  So today we meet the marvellous Paulus.  Ever wondered how Paulus came to be?  Read on to find out more …   Why did you start performing?  1802. Talking Pictures had just been invented and they needed someone in the background of country Read More

01 Oct 2017

Meet Bambi Bang Bang!

It’s that time again, folks, after a summer hiatus we are so excited that Luscious Cabaret is back with a Bang – or should we say a Bang Bang?! Today we’re chatting up with one of our favourite performers (and people), and we’re so excited to see her perform at Luscious again. It’s the queen Read More

29 Sep 2017

Meet the Host – Michael Twaits

We are so excited about Luscious Cabaret returning with a bang in two weeks time. Of course, Luscious wouldn’t be Luscious without our fabulous host of proceedings, Michael Twaits. We had a read of the interview he did with us last year and thought you might enjoy reading it again.   What does a typical Read More

22 Sep 2017

Catching up with former students – Frankly Desire

In this week’s blog we are catching up with yet another of our fabulous graduates to find out what they’ve been up to sinse finishing the course and what impact it’s had on their lives. The course has been going for longer than Little Lady Luscious cares to admit to, but she is always pleasantly Read More

15 Sep 2017

Catching up with former students – Sissi Emerald

We’re really looking forward to the Autumn/Winter Burlesque course at the House of Burlesque. There is going to be a rebooted programme of study and it’s going to be very exciting. We’ve been catching up with some Luscious graduates to find out what they are doing now and what impact the course had on them. The Read More

08 Sep 2017

Luscious Cabaret October Lineup

We’ve had a lovely summer break, but we’re so glad that we’ll be back in October with a Luscious Lineup of Lovelies to entertain you. We’ve got a fantastic mix of Luscious favourites and brand new faces you’ve yet to meet, so we’ll get right down to it! Making us laugh, cry and gasp in awe Read More

02 Sep 2017

Catching up with former students – Stormina Teacup

The Luscious Burlesque Classes restart in less than a month. In the next few weeks, we’ll be talking to some previous students about their experience with the course. Today we’ve asked Stormina Teacup to give us her reflections on the Luscious Burlesque Class. Stormina is a former student who now performs (occasionally) and works backstage Read More

25 Aug 2017

Why does Cabaret have to be such a riot of glitter?

If you’ve ever been to a cabaret of burlesque night, you’ll know that everything there sparkles. From the summit of their feather headdress, to the tips of their polished toes, their sequined props and even their cocktails; cabaret performers are slathered in glitter, crystals and rhinestones. Performers spend as much time attaching tiny crystals and Read More

18 Aug 2017

The Luscious Burlesque Night

Someone has hit the pause button on the rain, fingers crossed it’s an indefinate pause.  During the rainy days we have been looking back on sunnier times.  Back in June we had another Luscious showcase and it was fabulous.  Here’s a few of the highlights … We saw Chalkilicious return to the Luscious Stage.  This Read More

11 Aug 2017
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